Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A little irritated...

--EDIT: So, I spoke with Miss S today and she states that she fell asleep, giving her boyfriend specific orders to wake her up. He, obviously, didn't, and we've now moved our movie night to tonight. I'll post more about my movie experience later. Promise!

 So, as some of you may or may not know, I'm a closet Twilight fan (consider this as me officially "coming out of the closet"). I contribute this horrendous and disdainful liking of such a terrible story (I'll admit, the story is pretty lame) to the fact that there will be no more Harry Potter books. As soon as that bandwagon came to a screeching halt, I had to find something else to read and Twilight seemed to be popular. I figured I'd give it a try and while the first book was difficult to swallow (nobody actually says anything, they always breathe, moan, or whisper their words) as far as the sappy love went (OMG! MY NAME IS BELLA, I'M THE NEW GIRL THAT EVERYBODY LOVES BUT I'M IN LOVE WITH A VAMPIRE THAT SPARKLES! OMG!), I sucked it up and read the last three.

I know it sounds like I'm being a Twilight heretic and blasphemer by saying that it's a story that I love and hate all at the same time, by which I mean to say that I love to hate it. It is horrible, admittedly, because if anyone has ever heard of fan fiction (<--- look it up, it's everywhere, and most of it is scary), then you've heard of Mary-Sue and Self-Insertion fan fictions (<---- you can look those up, too). Twilight, my friends, is the epitome of every Mary-Sue and Self-Insertion fan fiction on the web, only this one got published, made movies, and is making millions.

Anyway... Enough with my rambling and trying to make up for the fact that I actually own these books.

I, admittedly, wanted to go see the new Eclipse movie; Taylor Lautner and his co-star werewolf pack are, admittedly, the only reason I would ever want to see this. I mean, come on, it's a bunch of hunky, tan guys running around shirtless. I'd pay to see a movie that featured just one of these guys running shirtless in the rain for two hours and nothing more than that-- I really would.

But, anyway, so I wanted to go see this movie. I'm not about to drag any of my male friends to go see it, because it is, of course, so ridiculously sappy that I would have to take his "Man Card" for even entertaining the thought. That, and any guy who goes with a girl to see this movie is obviously looking to get laid afterwards, and that's just not gonna happen. I wasn't about to go this movie alone or on opening night; there's not a snowball's chance in Hell that I'd be caught seeing this movie by myself (that, and I hate going to the movies alone-- it's almost as sad as drinking alone, it makes you look desperate) and going on opening night to hear nothing but mewling tweens in my ears is not my idea of a good night at the movies-- I'm old enough to squeal on the inside at hot guys so that nobody can hear me. So, I searched high and low for some poor sap a buddy to go see it with me. Everybody had already seen it at least ten times already and it's only been out a week. I would've dragged my niece with me, since I feel some form of obligation to try and salvage what's left of our relationship since her pregnancy and my overwhelming feeling of loss and disappointment, but I digress. My niece had already seen it and didn't like it, so states a Facebook post of hers. That was right out.

So, I was talking with a friend at work, who we'll call "Miss S". I don't care much for putting my co-worker's names or place of employment here, because I feel it would be impolite to do so and I'd hate for anything said here to reflect on the company I work for, good or bad. Anyway, I digress again-- Sorry!

So, Miss S is sitting at her desk and I roll up to ask if I can clock in. A small chat ensues, with me relating my woes of not having some poor sucker a friend to go to the movies with to see Eclipse. She states that while she'd already seen it, she'd go with me. I was pretty happy, to be sure, and quickly jumped on the chance to go see it tonight after work. I got out at eight and she got out at five; she would be having dinner with her boyfriend and we would have plenty of time to catch a nine-o'clock or ten-o'clock showing. Perfect! I had a willing sucker friend to go with me, I even offered to pay for her ticket, of which are pretty expensive (just over $13 if I remember) and I would also include snacks and a drink for her sacrifice company.

We swapped numbers and all was good. I got home, chilled for a bit, and then got changed. I checked the movie times and-- BEHOLD!-- Not only was there an eight-thirty showing, but also a nine-thirty and a ten-o'clock showing. Perfect! Even if she didn't get out of dinner until later, we could still go and not have to worry about it being too late. I texted Miss S with the showtimes, asking her which one she would prefer.

I got nothing.

I waited about an hour, as it was nearing time to leave for the nine-thirty showing, and called her.


I left a message, asking if she was still up for going and, if not, to just text me and let me know. I'd be cool with that, I can understand if stuff happens or if you change your mind, since I'm very much a flighty, flaky person.


I wasn't about to call or text her again because, obviously, she wasn't going to answer. I'd like to see the movie with somebody, but I'm not that desperate to see it-- I think I can wait until the DVD release and drool over the hot guys enjoy it in privacy on my 40" upstairs like I did with the last movie.

So, here I am, feeling a little miffed that I got stood up by a friend without so much as a courtesy text or phone call. Hell, I even offered to pay for her ticket and snacks, and she couldn't give me the wherewithal to let me know if she'd changed her mind or was dying or something!

I think that's the last time I make plans with Miss S, needless to say. And while I have the mind to get a bit pissy with her if I see her at work tomorrow, I think I'll take the high road and just tell her that it would've been polite to text me or something, but that it's over, now, and nothing can be done about it-- what's done is done.

But, now I'm stuck with the fact that I want to go see a shitty movie, and don't have some poor idiot a friend to go with me, even if I pay for their ticket.

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  1. Kid, that was a really shitty move on her part. No "friend" (or sucker for that matter) would do that.

    Do I have to go kick someone's ass?