Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why I refuse to eat lunch at my work, or even bring something with me.

Now, as with most places of work, especially retail, there is a break room where employees can go to eat their lunch and take their breaks. We call our break room "The Hub". Now, it's been pretty crummy in the past; a dilapidated couch, a crummy little television, and two broken vending machines.

Since I first started around four years ago, we've gotten better with our break room. We still have vending machines that sometimes eat your change or not give you your snacks, but our couch is brand new, we have a nice big television with surround sound, some computers.

Oh, yes, it's pretty nice. But our fridge... Oh, Lord... Our fridge has and always will contain the cure for cancer or will end up giving you herpasyphahepalaids or something.

I've left a few things in the fridge for later, and sometimes I either come back and can't find it because it's buried under everybody else's crap... Or somebody's eaten it. Which pisses me off. I spend my hard-earned cash on a tasty sandwich and somebody else eats it? Lame. And it's not like you don't know it's not yours; I mean, come on, did YOU shell out $7 at Arby's? Probably not. And if you know you didn't buy it, then you know it's not for you. Especially if it has SOMEBODY ELSE'S NAME ON IT.

Now, it doesn't happen often, but here's the real kicker:

Our break room now smells like something has DIED in it. I walk in through the door, happy as a clam to nom something hardcore on a tasty lunch and-- BAM!! It smells like death.

I've heard rumors that we have mice, so I'm suspecting that the source of this new acrid smell of decay is probably some form of rodent that has bought the farm SOMEWHERE in there. Grode. Seriously. Infinitely disgusting.

So, instead of bringing in food that's either going to get buried, eaten by another co-worker, or eaten by rodents, I'll just shell out $5 for some spring rolls and a side salad. Blegh.


One a side note, the videos on the iPod touch have changed. I've removed the Mega Man video, only to replace it with the first episode of DasBoSchitt's GMod Idiot Box. DasBoSchitt is genius in how random and ridiculous his videos are. You can find his videos here and his blog here.


  1. Hopefully it won't be like that time at Precision Fab when the rats died in the ceiling and maggots where coming out of the tiles. Didn't one almost fall on your head?


  2. Yes. OMG, that was the single most disturbing event in my life.

    So, here I am, leaned over and looking for rat poison to clear out so we can move in the mouser-cats... "Oh! Josh! Sissy! Think I found some!" "Yuck, Erin, those look like..." "MAGGOTS! AH! $&@%!! THEY'RE IN MY HAIR! THEY'RE IN MY HAIR!"

    ... You would've had to have been there. Seriously. I was cracked on for my little "Shake out my hair and free it of maggots" dance for almost a year.

    I hate maggots.