Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Security (or lack thereof) sucks!

So, I've had a bit of a run of bad luck these past few weeks when it comes to security.

First, my World of Warcraft account was hacked. And when I say hacked, I mean that the little bugger managed to completely lock me out of my account to the point where email support couldn't even help me. I had to call in, wait for almost an hour in queue for my call to be taken, and then explain, shamefully, to the guy on the phone that my account was compromised.

I'm not really crying about it, honestly; WoW is entertainment for me and nothing more. If all of my crap was taken and my gold pawned off to some gold farmer, it'll suck, but I can get it all back with minimal effort. It just sucks that the guy used my account for his gold farming crap and got my account completely banned.

So far, it's under investigation. It'll take a few days to get WoW back online, now that I have a new email/login  and password, and it'll take about a week to get any stolen items/gold back. But, at least I can get my stuff back. No sweat.

The worst part about this past week, though, is that my debit card was lost/stolen. I mean. WTF? I had that crap in my pocket, went to go buy a drink before leaving for home, and IT WASN'T THERE! It's not like I religiously keep the stupid thing in my pocket, but it's convenient when I have to buy a drink to not have to unlock my purse out of my locker, grab my wallet, take it up front and pay, bring it back, unlock my locker, put the wallet back in, and relock my locker. My mistake. I searched for a good hour, tracing my steps all over the store, the precinct, the bathrooms, outside, the break room... No luck. Called the bank, got issued a new card that'll arrive in the next few days. The "rush" delivery cost me $10, but it's worth it to not have to go a week without having access to my account. I'm just glad that if somebody finds it, they won't be able to use it, and the money I have in there won't be leaving any time soon.

But the whole thing was, was that despite the fact that both my WoW and bank accounts were compromised, I managed to keep a cool head about it, took care of business, and now I can get some rest at night without having to worry that I won't be able to play (though it's not that big of a deal to start a new account, just inconvenient) or worry that I've been robbed.

The cool part about this, though, is that each call took me only ten minutes, tops-- if you don't count having to wait for the support team to actually get to your call.

Thanks, Blizzard and Wachovia! You're the frikkin' BOMB DOT COM!


  1. You need to get a small little wallet to keep in your pocket, because let's face it, it is just dumb to keep something as important as your debit card just in you pocket.

    Oh, and WoW? Yeah, I have one word to say about that.........


  2. Hey, I openly and honestly admit that I am a dork, dweeb, geek, and all manner of related names. I wear this badge with pride. Hell, I even work for a company that pays us "geeks" pretty well for being... Well... Ourselves. Geeks. :P

    As for a little wallet. I LOVE my little wallet! It just won't fit in my pocket. :(