Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Children: Part 2 of 3

Now, on to my oldest "child", Simon Templeman. I named him after one of my favorite voice actors, Simon Templeman, who plays the voice of Kain in the video game series Legacy of Kain. His voice, to me, is just pure, liquid beauty! Love it!

Simon's life has had its ups and downs, but he's come out as a very sophisticated, patient kitty. He's about five years old and built like a HOUSE. When I first came across him, I was about to move in with my, at the time, fiancee. He had promised me a cat once I had everything moved in, so I was pretty excited. We went over to Harleyville to visit one of his friends to play paint ball. Now, I wasn't about to get all sweaty and dirty and completely owned by a bunch of testosterone-laden military boys, so I was going to hang out inside. When I came up to the door, I saw a scrawny black weasel starting out at me. That weasel was Simon! He was only about a year-or-so old at the time and, honestly, he really did look like a weasel. When I went inside, he immediately started begging for attention and, after a bit of begging myself, I was able to take him home.

The car-ride was easier than I thought, considering we didn't have an animal trolley at the time. Simon lay in my lap and napped the entire 45 minutes it took to get home. Meeting our dog was a fiasco... For only a few days! Simon slept in the bed with me, followed me around the apartment... He was like a little duck who had imprinted; it was too cute and I was in love with him! He's definitely his own little personality, which is very endearing and very different from the other two cats in the household. Here's why:

1. He is socially withdrawn and aloof... Most of the time. Simon tends to keep to himself most of the time. It's not often that he'll scratch at the door or sit in your lap, and he HATES to be picked up. But, every once in a while, he'll come sit in my lap on the computer, take a nap, or give a little cry to greet me in the evenings after coming home from work.

2. He gets extremely offended if you don't let him into the bathroom when you're showering. He's a perv. He LOVES to sit in the bathroom and watch you shower, and if you don't invite him in, he sulks by the door and gets very offended! I think he's just concerned about why you're subjecting yourself to water/torture on a daily basis; he cries incessantly when you get out an wants to paw at you to make sure you're still in one piece.

3. He has a "wussy" cry. For a cat of his size (probably 15-20 lbs.-- he's fat.) he has the WUSSIEST cry, period. He makes little 'weee' sounds, never a full meow. It's very cute, and I call him my "wussy cat".

4. He loves to be in pictures. He's a ham. Every time I take out the camera, he likes to strike a little pose. He's always very still for the shots, which makes him an automatic target when I feel the shutter-bug take over. This is why I have so many pictures of him!

5. He has a tendency to "play with himself". I didn't even know that cats could DO this until I caught him one day. Look it up; apparently male cats do this on a regular basis. And, yes, he's neutered, which is strange. I guess I now know how a mother feels when she catches her son doing this. It's kinda gross.

And there you have it! Simon Templeman, my oldest son! Quiet, aloof, and a photo hog! Gotta love him! :3

I'd like to thank my newest follower, FingersM. Thank you so much! I'm very grateful and I hope you enjoy the blog!


  1. Look at Erin, her blog is growing every day! I saw FingersM in the blog forum the other day, so I recognize the name.

    6.) Simon almost died. Yes, and if it had not been for the love and devotion of my oldest and wisest sister, Amber, he may not have made it.

    Again, true story.

  2. That IS a true story. Poor Simon... He had a blood infection that nearly killed him when I brought him with me to move back in with Mom. :( He had jaundice so bad that he looked like a Simpsons character! He's all better now, though. :D