Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Meet my Children: Part 1 of 3

So, since my "children" have become a very important (and furry) part of my life, I've decided to give a little bit of my blogspace and dedicate it to them. :3

This is Otis. He is the oldest out of the three and, technically, not my "child" but more like my "little brother", considering he's Mom's cat and not mine.

We once had a cat named Baby Cat who looked just like Otis. She, however, didn't have a tail. She lived for about ten years before dying of kidney failure. Only a few months after her death, a neighbor of ours came to our house with a tiny little kitten and asked us to take care of him. That little kitten was Otis.

He was very tiny, and looked like a fuzzy softball. He was full of worms and starving and so we took him in and bottle-fed him until he was big enough to adopt out. Needless to say, he never left. He's about ten, now, and the sweetest cat I've ever met. Here are a few peeks into his psyche and mannerisms, and I'll let you be the judge.

1. Otis is very vocal. This cat makes the strangest noises I've ever heard. We call them "bird" noises, because he purrs and meows at the same time. It's technically called "chirring" or "chirping", and he does this in response to just about anything you say to him. He'll often hold conversations with you! When he thinks nobody is listening or paying attention to him, though, he will often mill around the house crying out "hello!" or "Mama!" (it really sounds like these words!) in an attempt to get some attention.

2. Otis is and always will be a physical creature. He LOVES to touch, sniff, kiss/lick, hug/bump heads with anyone who walks through the door. He will occasionally reach up and touch your arm when he wants your attention, and it's very cute!

3. Otis is very laid back. Except when you give him catnip! However, he is generally the kind of cat to lay on the back of the sofa or recliner and just chill.

4. He loves to nap with you. He really does like to crawl up with you in the bed or on the couch for a good nap, but he can be very restless and wants to be, literally, in your face the entire time. All you get is a wet nose on yours and rolling, purring breath on your face.

5. He's a creeper. This goes with #4. Otis will creep, very slowly, closer and closer to your face in such a way that you don't even realize he's doing it. If he thinks you've noticed, he'll stop, wait, and then creep VEEEEEERY slowly, ever closer. It's funny, sometimes!

Well. There you have it. This is Otis. The cutest, fluffiest, most lovey cat that's ever walked the face of this known universe-- and that's not an opinion! :P


  1. 6.) Otis gets dingleberries. Yes, and you have to cut them off his butt.

    True story.

  2. ROFL! True, but I'm trying to paint them in a semi-positive light, Sissy! Shh! :P