Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet my children: Part 3 of 3

Gram... Now... What to say about the littlest of our bunch of furry little rescues?

Well, Gram's story started out very tragically, and now that he's in a much happier place (my house!), it makes his story a little happier.

My Sissy, Amber, was getting her car washed and, if I remember correctly, she heard a bit of a commotion outside. Upon investigation, she found one of the employees carrying a scrawny little rat of a kitten. This kitten had just been saved from a pair of boys trying to drown it in a puddle! They had been feeding the little guy, but he wasn't old enough for dry food, or even soft food! He had been living on scraps and dirty water for almost all of his 4-week-old life.

She decided to take him home, but she couldn't keep him because she's already got two kitties and has no room for any more! He was stinky, very sick, very runty, but very sweet. She brought him home to me and Mom, where we were going to get him healthy, fat, and ready to adopt.

Needless to say, he never left. Of all of my furry family, he is the most interesting and has the saddest story with the happiest ending!

1. Gram has an interesting fur pattern. He's black and white, which isn't too strange, but the patterns on his fur are VERY interesting! He has a little white stripe on his chin, which makes it look like he's been drinking milk, and his toes are white with little black dots on each little "finger"-- his feet look like little dominoes! He's also got the tiniest little blaze/patch of white on his forehead. Too cute!

2. He's named after a famous singer. My Sissy named him "Gram" after "Gram Parsons and the Flying Burrito Brothers"... That, and that's about how much he weighed when we got him!

3. He's a really good beggar. I haven't found a single food this cat won't eat. He's eaten peaches, peach ice cream, eggs, broccoli, corn, green beans... Anything that falls on the floor! Since we've all made a bit of a game on finding out what he WON'T eat, he's become a very good beggar! He's always underfoot when you're in the kitchen, and he cries and rubs incessantly until you give him something. His cry is so pitiful, that you just can't help but "accidentally" drop something.

4. He hates pictures. This is the worst cat to try and take pictures of. He knows the sound of a camera turning on and will generally beat feet to get away from getting a picture taken. The pictures I CAN get of him are a bit of a craps shoot and generally end up blurry, but you can get a few good shots when he's asleep! :3

5. He is TERRIFIED of new people, especially men/boys. He doesn't do very well with new people and will generally find a REALLY good hiding spot when somebody new comes into the house. He stayed under my bed for almost a week when my oldest sister, Dawn, brought her son down for a visit and wouldn't even come out for me or Mom. He was shaking so badly, we had no choice but to put food and water into my room just to get him to eat. I think he's scarred because of what happened to him. :(

Well, there you have it; that's Gram. The youngest, spunkiest (and now, fattest) kitty in the household. :) You can't help but love him!


  1. 6. Amber loves him, but he doesn't love Amber: He is a shy cat and because she is not over there as often as she should be, he is scared of her and runs and hides when she comes around and it breaks her heart.

    Um, yeah.....true story. :(

  2. ROFL! That, too, is very true. Considering you're not over here terribly often, you may as well be a stranger to him. Poor thing. But at least you know he's being very well taken care of! He's as fat and sassy as we hoped he would be! :)