Friday, June 4, 2010

Arch nemesis... Nemeses... Whatever.

So, living in South Carolina comes with its ups and downs. The weather is great... If you're at the beach. Otherwise, it's just so damn hot that you come to believe that clothes should be outlawed during certain times of the year. It rains sometimes, which is great because it cools down enough afterwards to not have to blast your AC to the point of bankruptcy... Until you get bugs that want to come into your house because it's too wet outside.

Yes. Ups and downs.

Bugs, of course, is what brings me to this post. Some of the bugs you get in the south are normal; you get Palmetto Bugs that come in when it rains, you get wasps that make homes in your bushes, and you get lawn shrimp that come in after the rains, too.

Yep. I said it. Lawn Shrimp.

"What's a Lawn Shrimp?" you might ask. Well, a lawn shrimp is exactly what it sounds like. They're a type of bug that looks very similar to a shrimp, only much, much smaller, as you can see above. They live in your yard and while they like damp places, they tend to come inside when it rains. When they come inside, they come inside by the hundreds-- no exaggeration!

So, with the Summer rains comes a plethora of Lawn Shrimp that come inside, pop around the kitchen floor like miniature jumping beans, and then die a few hours later only to leave our kitchen floor looking like a little shrimpy Jonestown.

These little buggers (Ha ha! No pun intended, really!) are infinitely aggravating, as they seem to slowly seep into the kitchen from what seems like a break in the foundation around our stove. You end up seeing one or two, and then an hour later, they've multiplied exponentially to the point where, when you come downstairs in the morning, you find hundreds of little dead amphipods littering the floor.

A quick run of the vacuum takes care of the suicidal aftermath, but I just felt that this would give you a peek into the life of a southerner during the dog days of Summer. Sucks, huh?

So, the next time you come to South Carolina for a Summer vacation and you find hundreds of tee-tiny little shrimp, dead and pink, on your floor in the morning... Don't freak out, it's just a part of life down here.


Also, I'd like to give a huge thanks to OnCloudNine9, my newest stalker follower. Thanks a bunch! I'm very grateful! :)


  1. Ewww.....lawn shrimp! Gross. SO glad I don't get them.


  2. I still don't understand how you don't get them and we do, considering you live, like, only a few miles away. :( Strange, how things like that work out.

    Then again, you also have your house a little more raised than ours is; you have a raised from porch and back porch, and we don't. Those little guys don't jump very high, so they probably can't get in because of that.

    Now, I wish we had a raised house; I really hate having to vacuum up a little shrimp Jonestown. :(