Sunday, June 6, 2010

New additions...

Not really worth blogging about, but I have nothing better to do than to tinker with my page while I'm unable to sleep (that, and I have tomorrow off, so no big deal).

I've added some new stuff to my page and swapped out a few things.

First, you'll notice that I've got a new header. This is a very cute picture by Syncadia. You can find her artwork at the DeviantArt page pasted on the bottom of the picture. I figured it was time for a little bit of a change, anyway.

You'll also notice, on the side of the blog, two MixPod iPods. The iPod touch is a listing of some of my favorite YouTube videos, including "Cunningham Muffins", "OMG SHOES", and "Farting Preacher", among some other favorites. I may add more at a later time, but for now, it's limited.

The other MixPod I have is my iPod Nano. This has an automatic play of some of my favorite instrumental songs, so you won't have to worry about lyrics disturbing your reading (as it does mine). Some of my playlist includes pieces by "Enya", "James Newton Howard", and "Nobuo Uematsu".

Also, you'll find a spiffy new background. My blog is growing every day, and I'd like to make things a little less drab. Hope ya'll like it! I sure do!

Until I can figure out more ways to spruce up the page and make it a little more attractive, this'll be it for now.

Thanks for reading! :)

P.S. - The only reason this blog now has an "adult" rating on it, is because the videos that have appeared on my iPod touch may have content that is NSFW or NSFC for crude sexual humor, language, or violence/gore.


  1. Totally digging the new page setup kid!

    I am REALLY digging the iPod doodads over there------------------>

    You are gonna have to show me how to do that!

  2. It's totally easy! All you do is go to, setup your free account, and start making your iPod. I'm sure it's easier said than done, but the next time I see you (which will be soon, hopefully), I'll totally give you a run, through on how you can add your own favorites straight from YouTube! :) I would've come to see you today, but James had today off and we're running some errands. I'm off on Wednesday, though; even if you're at the store, I'll come to see you! :)

    Love you, Sissy!