Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Five albums and favorite songs.

While looking through the music section at work, looking for a new album, I figured that everyone has to have at least five that they listen to a regular basis. I do, indeed, have five "staple" albums that I listen to, and rarely do I skip through a song. I also have favorite songs that I have on those albums that are either just wicked cool or speak to me in some way.

My music tastes are eclectic, at best, and downright strange, at worst. Here are the top five albums I listen to on a regular basis, in no particular order and my favorite songs from those albums.

1. Pearl Jam - Ten - Black. This is the first album I honestly remember hearing. I grew up with my bedroom right next to my sister's and while my music tastes varied from New Kids on the Block to NSYNC when I was younger, her music still had an effect on me (thank God). I remember just about every song on this album, and while I haven't had it for very long, I love just about every song on it, but Black has to be my favorite; it just has so much imagery in it and so much pain that it's hard not to feel sad when you hear it.

2. Daft Punk - Discovery - Face to Face. This is where my music starts to get different. I normally don't care very much for electronica music, but Daft Punk has some pretty nice beats. I love every song on this album, but I listen to Face to Face frequently.

3. Children of Bodom - Hatecrew Deathroll - Needled 24/7. Again, this is different. I generally hate "growler" music, where it sounds like the guy is screaming randomly into the microphone, but this band's music (aside from the lyrics) is pretty wicked. That, and the lead singer's kinda cute.

4. Evenescence - Fallen - Imaginary. I love Amy Lee's voice and she is the only female singer that I can really wrap my vocal chords around without going hoarse. This is a huge plus, and I really like her music. The reason I like Imaginary the best out of this album is because it, sadly, reflects 90% of my life. This song, out of any song I've ever heard, speaks to me the most because everybody wonders how I can sleep so much; granted I'm not as tortured as this song implies, but I enjoy dreaming very much as an escape from the Hells that the real world can offer.

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium - She Looks to Me. By far, I will always love The Peppers and Anthony Kiedis, there is no arguing that. She Looks to Me is a great song about drug addiction and coping, and I loved it from the first time I heard it.

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  1. you are welcome. At least you are not a total dork.

    You know my love for Pearl Jam runs super deep, as does my love for this very perfect album. However, do listen closely to "Once" is about a serial killer and is totally.fucking.awesome. Enough said.

    Oh, and yeah, RHCP are the masters/gods and deserve to be worshipped. I worship at the Church of Keidis on both Wednesdays and Sundays. Hope to see you there sometime.