Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hell on buggy-wheels.

So, it's getting to be that time of year again: Hell for all who work retail.

So, I haven't been posting for the past week-or-so because of the whole break-up (see previous post) and trying to find my center (or sanity, whichever will come first), but also because it's starting to get to that time of the year in which every cashier, repair technician, and sales associate in a major retail chain DREADS.

This month, it's tax-free weekend, and even though it's the last day in which I'm posting this, it's still ONE DAY of tax-free weekend. This means that everybody and their dog is going to pour into electronics stores, clothing retailers, and other back-to-school chains for their 6-8% "discount" on product. I don't get it, but whatever, I'm just the chick that rings you up this weekend while repeating over and over "No, this television/CD/iPod/etc. isn't tax-free because it's not considered a school supply" to every dingbat customer who asks.

I say "customer" because half of the people who come to shop at these places for tax-free ONLY come for tax-free and aren't repeat customers, so they aren't "clients" yet.

But, anyway. I promise that after tax-free is over, I'll get back to posting with my regular stuff.

Hang in there! And all of you who work retail during this end-of-year Hell have my deepest and utmost prayers and sympathy!


  1. Retail blows....that is why I am getting the hell out of it AND SOON!!

    Good luck, Kid. I was thinking about you when I went out this weekend specifically to buy a pair os Dansko shoes. Hey, that 7% discount, coupled with the addtional 10% discount off their already ROCK BOTTOM prices for Danskos made my clogs only $79.00!! (Just so you know, those damn shoes cost $130 everywhere else!!) [Shoutout to the awesomeness of Black Bottom Stables!!]

    So what do I have to say about tax free weekend? F**king sweet!!

  2. Well, see, the thing is, is that your shoes had an EXTRA discount on them. Some of the stuff we had this weekend was at NORMAL price, so there wasn't any extra-EXTRA off of it.

    It was organized well, and wasn't as bad as the past years, but still pretty busy.

    NEXT weekend, though, is P.I., so I get to work this coming Sunday from 6PM until 2AM. Oi!