Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New additions...

So, I've added a new addition to the blog, considering that I'll be doing movie reviews for a long time. A treat has been added for you movie review lovers:  a new MixPod that contains all of the trailers for the movies that I've done reviews for. I'll be adding new trailers for upcoming reviews on the first Monday of every month, just in case you're still not sure if you want to see the movie from a simple review.

There are a lot of movies that I'm looking forward to reviewing, because while I love to watch movies, it's even more fun to pick them apart for their content; you find out a lot of different things about a movie when watching it from a critic's standpoint-- some movie you love, you end up finding out that they suck, but some movies that you hate, you end up finding out that they're put together better than some box-office hits.

I hope that my movie reviews help to not only introduce new movies that you may not have seen or heard of, but also expand your horizons into genres that you may not normally care for. Lord knows that, even two months in, I've become interested in movies that I normally wouldn't be caught dead watching or just didn't think twice about watching.

Lots of love, Readers, because they're tons more movie reviews and trailers coming your way in the coming months!

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