Monday, June 14, 2010

Sad day

So, I had a pretty sad day yesterday. I've got a friend at work and, for all intents and purposes, she's my best friend. We chat together all the time, try to schedule our smoke breaks together so we can sit outside, chat it up for five minutes, and then get back to work. Stacy's sweet, a great Mom, and is always willing to lend an ear.

Why is this sad?

Because she's moving. My bestie's moving to Michigan and while there're always times that we could visit each other, it just sucks that I won't have her there to chit-chat with at work anymore.

My boyfriend and I went to her place yesterday, since she's leaving, officially, on Wednesday. We grilled out, chatted it up, and...

.... Played on the Slip'n'slide!

Yeah, you heard it. Two grown women, a grown man, and about five or six kids all taking turns on the Slip'n'slide. I can say that my chest and stomach are pretty sore; I don't remember it hurting that bad when I was a kid-- I just remember that Slip'n'slides were fun as Hell and was a pretty good way to beat the Summer heat.

I took loads of pictures of the kids, since they were having so much fun. I even got some video of  Stacy going down the Slip'n'slide! We really had to beg her to even go down it, and we snuck the video while she wasn't looking. It was loads of fun!

This is Tyler, Stacy's son. He's a very smart kid, very active, and can supposedly break dance. I did not get to see this, and I'm a little disappointed. I would've loved to have gotten a video of that!

Here's Kyara. She is absolutely adorable! I think she was a little afraid to actually SLIDE down the Slip'n'slide, but she had fun anyway!

Here's Alexis. She COULDN'T slide down the Slip'n'slide since she had skinned knees. She just kinda jogged down it, would sit at the end, and giggle about how cold the water was. Her and her sisters, Kyara and Kirsten, can supposedly sing. Of course, just like their brother's break dancing, I didn't get to see it. Maybe next time!

This is Kirsten. She didn't need too much convincing to go down the Slip'n'slide, but the funny part was, was that she didn't get enough of a head start. Despite what you might think, this isn't an action shot... This is where she stopped. We all had a good laugh about that one!

Here's Kirsten... Laughing her ass off at ME. Yeah, that's ME lying in the grass laughing MY ass off. After Kirsten's failed attempt at reaching the end of the Slip'n'slide, I decided to take a good start at it. From what I remember as a kid, you had to run pretty far in order to reach the end. I obviously didn't calculate the weight difference between a ten-year-old and a 26-year-old. I took a run, slid down the thing, actually GOT AIR, and then ended up in the grass. We all got a good laugh about that one, too!

This is James, my boyfriend, standing in line like a good little boy behind Tyler. Yes, that IS a bad farmer's tan; that boy spends all of his time at work, and it's all outside! I had to practically beg him to get on the thing, but while I tried to get a good picture of him on the slide... I just got the video. Maybe I'll put it in YouTube. [insert evil laughter here].

Me and my bestie, Stacy. Yeah, she's wearing a Geek Squad shirt and I have an Elvis towel; your eyes don't deceive you!

I swore that I wouldn't cry that day, but I'm always bad with good-byes. I promised myself that, if I had to cry, I wouldn't let her see it, because I knew that it would make her cry. I couldn't help myself once we started pulling away from the house, I almost completely broke down. Even now, I'm getting a little misty. :(

Well, she's got a necklace that I made for her for her birthday, and she gave me her ring so that we wouldn't forget each other. Not like we're not friends on FaceBook, but not being able to see her every day will really suck. I even cried a little when I ate some of the cupcakes she had me bring home.

Stacy, if you're reading this, I hope you get to Michigan safe and sound. I was already thinking about paying you a visit and you hadn't even finished packing yet! You'll always be my best friend, no matter how far away we are. Lots of love, Girl!

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! That is for your white ass at the end of the Slip n Slide and James with no hair!!

    Sorry 'bout your bestie. Sucks.

    Cute pictures, though.