Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eventful week!

My, my! It's been an eventful, yet UNeventful, week for me. I suppose that makes no sense, but I'll get around to it.

I haven't done very much other than work this week, but it's been so hectic at work that I haven't really had the urge to pop on and blog. I really am sorry! This particular post is probably going to be in five bajillion different directions; just bear with me. :)

First off, I'd like to thank Mrs. Midnight and my sissy, Amber, for the wonderful blogger award! Thanks a bunch guys!

1.  Thank the senders of this award:  Sure, thing! Thanks, guys! Really appreciate it! I never got awards in school as a kid, so getting an award for d&$%ing around on a blog is super cool!
2.  Sum up my blog philosophy, motivation, or experience in five words:  "Hey, guys! Look at this!"
3.  Pass the award on to other bloggers:  Simple enough. I'll take a page out of my sissy's book and pass this along to all of my followers who haven't already received this as well as to the blogs I follow. Ya'll are nifty either way, so take this award with pride. :D

Next, I'd like to share a little gem with those of you who like a little bit of a laugh. I stumbled across this today when a co-worker and I got to talking about the World Cup. God, I hate watching sports, but being completely BATHED in everything World Cup, I supposed that I'd swallow my bitching and just put up with it until it's over. Anyway, here's a little gem of hilarity that had me rolling today. I'll post it here, then add it to my iPod Touch a little later in the week.

So, yeah, I thought this was funny, seeing as those damn vuvuzelas are the most annoying part of the World Cup.

Now, this summer is obviously the season for vampires. You've got the Sookie Stackhouse television show, True Blood; I haven't the chance to watch it, but I am pretty interested. I tried reading the books, but I couldn't since I wasn't in the right frame of mind to read them at the time. I WILL get around to reading them at some point, since my sissy thinks they're great and she doesn't read fiction. Like... AT ALL. Anyway... You've also got the whole Twilight deal going around. Admittedly, I've read the series a number of times, own the movies, have a damn POSTER, and will probably go see the new movies. I'm, admittedly, a closet fan, but I will openly agree to the obvious faults found in the story. It's terrible, but I jumped on that bandwagon after Harry Potter finished up-- I think I needed a new book fad and I picked the wrong one. :(

Anyway, as this is the season for vampires, I figured I'd go ahead and pay a little tribute and bow down a little to the vampire story of all vampire stories... No, not "Dracula", because even that story has a damsel in distress, love, sex, and all that other crap. I'm talking about Legacy of Kain. No love, no chicks, no sparkles, either... Pure manipulation, revenge, betrayal, lies, and a history to end all histories. Sure, you're probably shaking your head and saying "Christ, Girl... A video game? Get a life, will you?" But, no, seriously! I've never seen a story as twisted and complex as this and, honestly, the vampires aren't hot. If the vampires aren't hot, why the hell would I play the game? Because the story frikkin' rocks. I couldn't possibly relate it here, but anyway, I'll post a couple of vids in homage.

Anyway, I've been on a kick for this AGES old game (series was first released in 1996) and I've decided that I might dust off a few of them (and the old Playstation) and replay them. The encyclopedia (yeah, it's so big in substance it needs an encyclopedia) has clued me in on things I missed in the story, and I'd like to experience all of that with new eyes. Take that, you sparkly, pansy-ass vampires. You don't need cute vampires to have a killer story. :P

On another, more serious (and adult) note, I just had my year-end review. It doesn't feel like I've worked there for nearly three years, but I've obviously been bleeding orange and black for quite some time. A few more years and I'll be eligible for a five-year leather jacket (there was a running joke that there was a seven-year set of chaps, too, but it was an April Fool's Day joke. lol!). In hindsight, I realize that I've gotten WAY better at my job over the years; when I first started, all I was able to grasp the concept of was receiving, calling clients, and answering the phone. Now, I do all of that plus take care of reports, track monetary losses, and handle complex situations that typical agents might have issues with. It doesn't sound like much, but it definitely fills up an eight hour day and a forty hour week.

At my year-end review, I was asked what I wanted to do in order to move forward in the company. The only thing I could think of would be to take over RC's "throne" as supervisor. Considering RC's only had this position for a little while, I doubt that I'd be kicking him off of the throne any time soon, but I hear some whisperings that may make this possible within a year-or-so. I, however, have been proposed with the honor of the possibility of training other people of my position in my district on the proper SOP. This, to me, is a great privilege to be given the opportunity to teach others how to make their precincts more efficient; not just for them, but for their clients, too.

And, last but not least, I've decided that, as soon as I find out whether or not my insurance pays for it... I'm going to go on Chantix. For those who don't know what that is, it's a prescription medicine that has a 44% success rate for helping you to quit smoking... For good. It's very expensive, but considering that cigarette prices are jumping up just about every month, I think I can handle the heat for a little while, just so I don't spend so much money on smokes. I was talking with Mom, who's been on Chantix for about three weeks. She hasn't had a smoke in almost a week and she says that while it's still tough, things are much better; things smell and taste better on top of the fact that she doesn't have to worry about spending nearly $60 on a carton. I think I'm ready to quit, let's just hope that my insurance covers a majority of it.

Anyway, eventful and yet UNeventful. It hasn't been busy, but my HEAD has been busy as Hell. Maybe next blog, I'll have a little more control over my frantic thoughts and have a far more constructive blog entry. ^_^;;



  1. You are welcome for the award, Kid.

    Yeah, don't get the "Twilight" thing, and absolutely REFUSE to read the books or see the movies, but I am glad you finally came out as a "closet fan". Haha. I always knew. See, you can never, ever fool me.

    Congrats on three years at your job! Move on up like you are George Jefferson!!


  2. You're welcome! Like your blog and your sisters blog but she's always getting awards!

  3. That's because I rock, y'all.